December 15, 2013

So all those weird lights out on the water at night, that I mentioned to’e  before,  well it weren’t  little green men from Mars, nor super keen fishermen, or me imagining some’ it odd. Oh no.  It turned out to be people smugglers going about their nasty work....

November 30, 2013

The film, Black Car Home,  will be supporting "She Monkeys" and other fine feature films during December 2013 and January 2014 at Gloucestershire's leading Independent cinema Wotton - for details of times and dates check with the cinema h...

November 15, 2013

Found this on the windscreen this morning. Made me proper rattled it did. Can Grace have been here in the night and not spoken to me? Or is someone playing a cruel trick?  I waited up to see if here were any lights out on the water but didn't see any.  Her name has mel...

November 13, 2013

This was me windscreen first thing! Thicker frost than your shag pile carpet! I tell you when I got up I was stiff as a board, and me feet hurt with teh cold,  but the view acrss the river was amazing! Have a good day!

November 12, 2013

Spider web on the car. Good luck I think! Are spiders webs lucky where you live? Let me know.


Please pass the web of good luck on to help all those caught up in the typhoon in the Phillipines.


You can read me full blog about the web, the possible body on teh river and...

November 12, 2013

Beautiful morning out on the river bank today! Everything is shiny and new looking. Makes you feel good to be alive.  I smiled when I see a spider has made a home on the car. Seems like a good sign, as do all you folk from China and Israel who have started reading this...

October 31, 2013

I'm not stocking up on sweets for tonight. A  year back some kids thought it would be funny to creep up on me in the camp.  You know, scare the bejeebers out of the funny old bloke who lives in the car. Thing is that I had left me coat and hat stuffed with paper and st...

October 28, 2013

It wasn’t the Great Storm all over again as it turned out, but the warnings about last night’s “weather event”, did lead me to take a few precautions.   I didn’t think that the camp would improve from it being spread across several hundred yards of the bank of the rive...

October 25, 2013

When you’re living rough like me, you got to take the best that each day brings. Yesterday morning’s dawn was glorious. You were probably still tucked up in bed,   watching TV, or wondering why the marmalade side of toast always lands downside on the floor if you drop...

October 21, 2013

Damp is a funny thing. It makes you feel colder than you are. Makes your bones ache worse than a beating.


I met a Canadian here last year, who said it felt colder in England than back home at -30C.  Given we were hovering just below zero, that was something.  “Your wea...

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