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When Tatiana, a feisty illegal Latin American immigrant, is thrown overboard and told to ‘swim’, she is expecting to find New York, not an isolated English coastal estuary. She is rescued from freezing mud by Nathan, a rough giant of a man who lives in a makeshift camp by the beach, and forages for food. When Nathan refuses to take her to London, Tatiana leaves him. She thinks he’s a bastard and he thinks she’s in a, “Zwodder”!  She returns, in need of his protection and as their quirky friendship grows, they share a vivid experience from a surprise visitor, which set them both free.

 Black Car Home film Nadia Serante

Origins of the story

The origins of Black Car Home came to David while he was making his way up the banks of the Severn River, on a journey by cycle,  from the mouth of the river to its source high in the Welsh mountains. This long, dangerous and powerful river, which has shipping on its lower reaches,  has the second highest tidal rise and fall of any river in the world, and its landscape has a very special atmosphere.

"I wondered what it would be  like living there in winter if you were homeless."

Jon Cleave (Fisherman's Friends in Black Car Home film

Writer and Director

David Pearson is a writer, director & producer (twice BAFTA Nominated, Emmy Nominated and Oscar shortlisted, winner BIFA, RTS, Grierson, Prix Italia etc). Founding Director of the acclaimed Screenwriters’ Festival.   He runs Arturi Films with Elizabeth Morgan Hemlock and they produced theatrical film Mugabe and The White African. His nominations as a director include: BAFTA, Grierson and FIPA for Baglady, and as Best Director in 2012 by the Royal Television Society for Fisherman’s Friends.The producers of Black Car Home are  Joanna Beard and Arturi's Elizabeth Morgan Hemlock.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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