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Good luck spider web for China, Israel and the Philippines . Spread the web of good luck!

Beautiful morning out on the river bank today! Everything is shiny and new looking. Makes you feel good to be alive. I smiled when I see a spider has made a home on the car. Seems like a good sign, as do all you folk from China and Israel who have started reading this lately. Makes me feel I am not alone all the time. Are spiders lucky where you live? Some people are scared of them but their webs are beautiful and it's an honour to have one. Just by the wing mirror this one is. I’ll be brief now as I have to go and work on some engines, but I’ll answer ‘e questions, Chen and Rahel, that you have sent me. About how I got to be here and what Grace was like. I’ll do it in me next entry. Ok?

It does lift you spirits, the warm sun, especially after days of rain last week. Then last night we had some more strange goings on out in the shipping lanes. Flashing lights. A few odd things have washed up lately too, crates with odd markings on- that look like they had some military function at one time. Then three nights ago when it was raining cats and dogs, and drumming so hard on the car roof that I thought it would bend it, I thought I heard a woman in the water, out from the beach calling for help. Barely could be heard over the rain and I couldn’t see her. I went out to look and got soaked, “shouting where are you”, but there wasn’t much I could do as the tide was running fast and dangerous. After a few minutes I realised I hadn’t heard her call again.

No one has reported a body washed up, or sighted, but I had a bad feeling about it.

The last week has generally been so wet with rain I didn’t feel like saying much, although your encouragement helps. I’m thinking about all those poor beggars out in the Philippines. Shocking devastation from typhoon Haiyan . Saw it on TV in the pub. It gets rough and very windy here, but really I’m pretty lucky. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a wall of water sweep through your place and leave nothing but debris. Count yourself lucky if you have a safe roof!

Come to think of it Israel, China and the Philippines all in their own ways need some good luck. I hope the spiders do the job! Let's hope those people who got whacked by that typhoon get the help they need. I'm going to put some of my earnings today in the collection box. Won't be much but it all helps. Spread the web of good luck to all you know who is in need of it!

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