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Misty morn but lovely day

A good day because I got paid for a whole day's work. At last. Fixing rusty buses may not seem much, but when you can get to the pub at last it is worth it. Bring on the Uley beer! I haven't had much lately due to the strangled cash flow. Did I miss it. Had to miss Frampton Show, one of my favourites because I didn't want to scrounge the entry ticket. Anyway back to the pub. A chat and a joke was enjoyed with that amber nectar. That and a sing song. Good to let out the stresses and strains. I've even written another song. "No one ever said it would be easy". Well it's true isn't it? Who says life is going to be a right pain sometimes? I even got a round of applause for that one. The day started misty, but ended warm and happy! Keep safe!

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