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Misty morn with spiders and an "On car allotment"

Was a silver misty morning today and the car was all festooned in spider webs when I got up. Beautiful it was. There’s even a little plant growing on the car. Yes really, you can see it in the picture. Looks a bit like cress, don’t you think? So maybe I’ll have an “on car allotment”. I wonder if will spread enough to fill me sandwiches? You can’t eat green lichen mind you, but that is certainly taking hold on some of the car’s paintwork again. It’s gone along the bottom of the window frames again. The will look like its got army camouflage soon. That might make it blend in more on the river bank and keep the snoopers at bay. If I stay here too long the lichen might start growing on me. The new green man, I’ve been here so long. I don’t know the weeks go by and I haven’t seen any more signs from Grace, but I won’t give up. The longer evenings give me hope and cheer as they always do.

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