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New Island Seen Moving!

So this moving island caper is getting weirder. Not only did the “island“, appear a few hours later in a different place, but I actually saw it moving! Really weird that was. This thing was floating along, slowly but surely. Was it a submarine with a grass top on it? Is the earth moving its crust? Does Uley beer have a longer after effect than any beer known to man? I don’t know, but it proper creeped me out seeing this in the dawn light. Everyone will think I’ve gone nuts if I mention it at the pub. So now I’m asking around and I’m going to try and see if I can get someone to witness it with me. I’ve asked Scratchy to help me. Not that he is your classic, “reliable witness”, but he don’t mind lying in the wet grass for a while we wait for something to happen. Could this be connected with what I saw before? I really don’t know.

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