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Why I should avoid terriers and Viking armies

The country show mentioned last time took it’s toll. Well the hot and cold running beer during and after it did. When I say toll, it was more like buying the whole road than getting one trip down it. Devastation might seem a more appropriate way of describing me condition. Hence the radio silence. Of course I paid a price for it. Didn't leave the camp for days and had a viking army drumming on my skull. Proper Valhalla it were. Anyway the day of the show started well enough. A day out to remember, from what I have pieced together since from the witnesses. A day to try and remember, what with the tractors, the animals, engines and familiar faces. Some real interesting exhibits. Of course I shouldn’t have stormed the main ring during the terrier racing waving a six foot high cattle feed advert I’d borrowed from the JC Feed stand, all to try and rescue a small dog that I’d never seen before. Didn’t go down well. Especially with the owner of the dog, some prissy smart arse wearing red cord trousers, who probably drives a Range Rover, called Roger. The Range Rover I mean. He’s probably called Tristram. He called me a, “dirty pikey”. Bloody cheek. I had a shower at the camp that morning and I was wearing my best Barbour . The stewards were more understanding, if firm. Well one was Gerry, the lard bucket who used to live next door to me in the village. He knows what I’ve been through. That's a saga. I can’t believe it myself sometimes. Mostly I don’t think about it and then something brings it right back in my face. Like a hand suddenly strangling you in the dark when you are in bed. Then your realise it is your own hand. It has taken me a couple of weeks to lick me wounds. I got to thinking about Grace a lot. You can get introspective living in a car, especially when it’s getting colder and damper again. Someone in the pub told me about a bloke who put a wood burner in the front seat of his Volvo. I wouldn't have one. Seems a bit life shortening to me, and I’m trying to hang on here on this mortal coil. The thing that snapped me out of it all, was unlikely. Some piglets. Yes, Colin showed me his sow’s litter of piglets. Amazing they are. Twelve of them, and all wonderful colours. They play like puppies, they really do. Larking and frolicking about, without a care in the world. Made my day it did. The wonder of the world around us is still the best antidote to life’s ills. We must all count our blessings.

Next time the issue of showers. If you want to see the Faceboook site go here

If you want to see the crazy man with the wood burner in his Volvo it is here.

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