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What is worse than losing a ferret?

What is worse than losing a ferret, said the man at the amazing Frampton Country Fair on Sunday. Well it is obviously not losing two ferrets! I'm still nursing my "appreciation" of this wonderful day out with Scratchy, with all its Gloucestershire country goings on, livestock, demonstrations of old crafts, dog races and horse displays, which included my sustained attempt to reduce the available contents of the beer tent of the wonderful Uley Brewery. As that smart old wise bloke Plato said, “He was a wise man who invented beer.” WellUley to my tast buds is the finest beer in the world, and Chas, the brewer, a legend in and beyond his brewery was leading the singing of old songs with his squeeze box. Brilliant! ! Anyway my ability to make sense now is limited, even if I am happy, so until the blacksmith's anvil and his hammering fade in my head, Scratchy has put up some video of the ferret racing. Well it isn't exactly a race as you will see. Reluctant Ferrets away!

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