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Nathan's Diary- swan bevy and stars as swans

Saw a swan bevy fly right over me last evening. Beautiful. Gave me swan bumps- well you can't say goose bumps really in this context, can'E? Right over the Severn bank they was- caught golden in the westerly sun. Perfect unison of wings flapping, like some distant traction engine at a ploughing match. That familiar wedge shape caught against the blue yonder- well it made me a bit reflective and moody. Like after 5 pints of Uley!

I thought of them swans on their long journey as night fell and when I took to my bed in the car. T'is stange that your real feathered swans is travelling just as the night sky shows Cygnus. Coincidence? I don't think. It's a sign. Ain't the world a wonderful place?

I may only have me old Volvo out here on the bank, as I wait for the return, but I got my eyes and ears and senses. I ain't dead yet. I pay attention. Those stars above that make the Cygnus is a constellation of the northern summer. Gave me a real sense of wonder watching them. T'was first spotted by that old dude Ptolemy in the 2nd century. Clever bugger. Did he think the swans flew to the stars? I think they might.

Bloke in the pub showed me a drawing from his astonomy society. Shows the layout of the stars- just like a swan. Let me know if you see any.

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