June 6, 2015

Look a the Dandilion fluff that's caught on the Volvo's spier web? What will happen to flies now? Answers on a post card please.


March 31, 2015


Nature is a wonderful thing. Today is windy but sunny. What a difference that makes. After the winter the car is now itself a nature reserve! With moss, lichen, spiders and all manner of wriggly things clinging on for dear life despite the gale force winds!



June 26, 2014

Sunday night's event with Jon Cleave and a screening of teh film with a lively crowd in Stroud at the SVA Good's Shed brought some interesting suggestions for Desert Island Treasures to take with you if you lived in a car. One woman had lived this way herself for a whi...

November 13, 2013

This was me windscreen first thing! Thicker frost than your shag pile carpet! I tell you when I got up I was stiff as a board, and me feet hurt with teh cold,  but the view acrss the river was amazing! Have a good day!

November 12, 2013

Spider web on the car. Good luck I think! Are spiders webs lucky where you live? Let me know.


Please pass the web of good luck on to help all those caught up in the typhoon in the Phillipines.


You can read me full blog about the web, the possible body on teh river and...

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