April 11, 2017

So we have Putin, Trump and not to mention a host of other assorted power mad cracker jackers around the world all trying to make people submit to their twisted will. So I thought it was time to declare a state of independence here around the camp. Anyone entering has...

December 25, 2016

Warmed up some grog on the fire. It's cold down here by the river. Off to see me mates in the pub later. Wishing you Christmas cheer and spare a thought for those who are down and out and better still do them a kindness.

September 16, 2014

A good day because I got paid for a whole day's work. At last.  Fixing rusty buses may not seem much, but when you can get to the pub at last it is worth it. Bring on the Uley beer!  I haven't had much lately due to the strangled cash flow. Did I miss it. Had to miss F...

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