June 6, 2015

Look a the Dandilion fluff that's caught on the Volvo's spier web? What will happen to flies now? Answers on a post card please.


April 5, 2015

Found this big moggy on the bonnet eyeing up the swans who are building a nest. He seems an independent sort, and has no fear. Does a lot of hunting. I wonder how long he'll stay?

March 31, 2015


Nature is a wonderful thing. Today is windy but sunny. What a difference that makes. After the winter the car is now itself a nature reserve! With moss, lichen, spiders and all manner of wriggly things clinging on for dear life despite the gale force winds!



January 2, 2015

See the film at the BAFTA qualifying London Short Film Festival on the 14th January

More details here:

2015. http://www.picturehouses.co.uk/cinema/Hackney_Picturehouse/film/Lsff_2015_New_Shorts_Refugee_Asylum_Global_Movement/

November 7, 2014

Remember the cops came this week? Well if I had been living in a car in many parts of the USA I would be breaking the law! Incredible! I thought that the USA was supposed to be the land of the  free?

Scratchy showed me the Telegraph earlier and it says there that even f...

November 4, 2014

Remember there was this, "Tom", a dishevelled bloke, who stumbled into me camp a few weeks ago,  like some post Halloween zombie? He said he's lost his skipper, his place to sleep at night,  in Bristol and been beaten up. He seemed genuine enough. I fed him for a coupl...

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